Chair Massage II:  Enhanced Skills

Instructor:  Frances Nicolais


“I loved the chair II class. There was so much I learned for every part of the body and more detailed. The class was both fun and educational. Although I’ve been doing chair massage for a while I learned so many new techniques.”

Teresa K., La Crescenta, CA


“I feel more confident in my work and skill in chair massage. I can’t wait to show everyone what I learned!”

Jade G., Monrovia, CA


“Chair massage is incredibly fun & versatile.  A great and accessible way to work your way into therapeutic work & myofascial work.”

Gabi G., Los Angeles, CA


“AMAZING trio of Mary Frances, Alison, & Frances. All patient, informative, & enlightening. Chair II definitely added more tools to my repertoire.”

Dominick S., Newhall, CA


“I learned so much from this class! I feel way more confident in doing chair than if I had only taken Chair I-A. I cannot wait to start working!”

Rachel L., Pasadena, CA


“Hands on instruction were great! I“I really enjoyed this class!! I loved how we were taught to massage the whole body in a chair. That was amazing. I can’t wait to use all the new techniques on my clients. Thank you Frances, for making this a wonderful class experience!!”

Michelle Anderson, Montrose CA


“An excellent class. I have the knowledge and confidence to go anywhere with my chair”

Victoria Lewis, Glendale CA


“This class was good because we learned a lot of techniques. The approach was good in that there was not necessarily any on set routine, so the massage can really meet clients needs.”

Barbara Uyeda, Pasadena CA


“There are so many cool techniques I learned in this class. I am so much more confident with chair massage and have lots of tools in my toolbox to help the public. Frances is a patient, fun, gifted and knowledgeable instructor-the best to teach chair”

Laura Weston, Montrose CA


 like to continue with chair massage and take all the courses. Thank you Francis (Chair Massage Instructor) I’ve learned so much and enjoyed being in your class.”

Margaret Espinosa, Los Angeles


“Employing the techniques I learned from Chair II has helped my palpation skills tremendously.  I feel so much more confident about addressing areas of tension. I now have access to such a wide range of moves, I can’t wait to try them out.”

Jennifer Lynn, Los Angeles


“I used to be skeptical of the effectiveness of chair massage in CMT class, but now I’m a chair enthusiast and I’m ready to specialize in chair massage.”

George Bowser, Pasadena


“This class is great for anyone who wants to develop more tools for your chair massage.  I even learned some new things for my table massage.  You will be blown away by this class… and so will your clients!”

Lydia VanKirk, Tujunga 


“I loved it and I can’t wait until the next class”

Alexandria Chambers, Eagle Rock


 Frances” instruction greatly deepened my understanding of the body and strengthened my massage practice in the chair & beyond”

Adam Overton, Glendale


“I loved the class. There were numerous new techniques learned, so many that I will keep going back to my notes to keep trying new thing in the future. The environment was very supportive and we were encouraged to be creative and build on what we learned. I especially loved the blindfolded massage. The classes were packed with new information, which I really appreciated, and it made it a stimulating atmosphere. I am getting more excited about chair massage as I learn how deep and rejuvenating a chair massage can be.”

Brian R.


“Thank you for a great class. I learned so much, I have more than enough ‘Tools’ to give a great chair massage, and also new moves I can apply to my table sessions.”

Scott R.



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