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We believe everyone is deserving of respect: we are diversity-inclusive, neuro-affirming, queer-positive, and disability-supportive.

Our Vision

Hands on Healing Institute, from its founding, has always been about respecting the whole person, with both practitioner and client. We believe that the body, mind, and spirit are inextricably connected, and each informs the others. When you touch the body, you cannot help but touch the thoughts, emotions, and memories as well. We, as practitioners, are here to create a safe healing space for our clients, so that the body can devote its energy to its own natural healing processes. We practice and teach a trauma-informed approach to healing and to learning.


As science advances, we now have growing evidence for these things that many traditional practices of wellbeing have always known. Our education goal is to ground you in evidence-based knowledge of science and critical thinking skills, and to introduce you to the vast array of ideas and practices of wellness traditions from all over the world, so that you have the knowledge and skills to decide for yourself what kinds of practices suit you best in your work in the world.


We believe in a very personalized approach to learning. Each student is unique, and will become a practitioner that is unlike any other in the world. The gifts you have to bring to the wellness field, to your clients, and, arguably most importantly, to yourself, are unique and immeasurably valuable. Therefore, it is our goal as instructors to learn you—your interests, your talents, your desires—and to help you grow into the practitioner you wish to become. Our class sizes are small, and each student gets individualized attention and instruction in every class.


We believe in the importance of a safe learning environment. We believe in respecting the whole person in the classroom, as well. We do our best to make learning accessible and enjoyable, including for those with “non-traditional” learning styles. Some of you may not have been in a classroom in decades. Some of you may have school-related trauma. Some of you may not consider yourself “academic.” We will meet you where you are. Some of you may learn best with your hands. Some of you may need to move or stretch while you learn. Some of you may need things explained more than once, in different ways. We will support you. No matter what kind of student you are, we want to help you feel safe and supported in the classroom.


At Hands on Healing, you will get more than just a solid education in the practice of massage. You will be changed by your time in massage school. It is a journey of self-discovery, and of healing. You will learn things about yourself that you never knew before, no matter what chapter of life you are currently in. We understand that journey, and have been guiding students through their journeys for years. It would be our honor to guide you through yours.

Faculty Bios

Our Instructors

Hands on Healing Institute has carefully and deliberately, hand-picked our instructors, to be able to create the highest level of educational learning. All of our Instructors are current working therapists in their field of expertise and some have been working in the field of massage therapy for over 20 years. This allows the students to obtain the most up to date and pertinent knowledge available. Here at Hands on Healing we strive to produce a safe, warm, and loving atmosphere for students to grow and learn freely as individuals. We are a holistic based massage school that is truly represented through our staff and faculty!

General Information and Licenses


Hands on Healing Institute is a private institute licensed to operate by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education for the Professional Massage Therapy Program, and all continuing education courses.

Our Massage Therapy Program and our Advanced Electives are accepted by most city business licensing and approved by the California Massage Therapy Council for State Certification.


Payment Policy


You may reserve your space in an elective class with a $25 deposit. This deposit will be applied to the class cost.  It is HHI policy that a minimum of six (6) students need to be enrolled for a class to be held. It is helpful to sign up at least 10 days prior to start date as each class needs at least six students to run.

To reserve your space, pay for your class through the elective calendar, call us at (818) 951-5811, or click here to email us: Administration.


Class payments due:

  • 21 hours or less:  Full tuition fees are due upon enrollment.

  • 22 hours or more:  Tuition fees may be divided into two equal parts:  The first part of tuition is due upon enrollment; the second part is due midway through the class.  Student will not be permitted to continue class unless second payment is made on time.

  • We accept all major credit cards, check, or cash


HHI’s Early Bird Discount


Register 10 days prior to class start date to receive the Early Bird discount! Current elective classes will be posted on the Calendar.


Attendance, Cancellation & Withdrawal Policy


Students must cancel at least seven business days prior to class start date in order to receive a credit or refund. No Shows are not eligible for a refund or credit. Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes.  No classes are scheduled on legal holidays*.  The instructor of each class will record absences, tardiness, and any increments of 15 minutes missed by the student..  If a scheduled class is missed, the student must complete classroom hours and instructional material no later than 30 days from end of class without prior authorization. 

Missed practical training can be made up by tutoring with instructors at $25.00 per hour. (One hour of tutoring equals 1 hour of class time.)  Makeup sessions should be personally arranged with individual instructors or the front office. Failure to complete the hours of classroom attendance required for the course will result in an “incomplete” assessment by the Institute.  Class hours will not be added to transcript until all required hours are completed. Missing more that 30% class hours will result in an automatic drop, forfeiting all hours and payment.


Required Material


Students must bring their own basic supplies (e.g. linens, lotion, pen and paper, etc.) and any required material for course. See individual course pages for prerequisites and requirements.


Classes Subject to Change


From time to time, we must reschedule a class, please keep in mind that class schedules are subject to change.  Please check the Calendar above for the most current information, updates and class schedules. You can also give us a call at 818-951-5811.

Hands on Healing Institute reserves the right to add, cancel or postpone classes, change dates, instructors, or policies, and/or raise tuition from any published literature.

* School Holidays (NO CLASSES)

  • New Year’s Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • Presidents Day

  • Columbus Day

  • Veterans Day

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