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Fundamental Massage Therapy Program

300 hour Certificate Program


  • Interested in gaining the introductory skills and knowledge needed to give a professional-quality massage?

  • Planning to be employed in a city like Pasadena? 

  • Or planning to massage in a small private practice, or in a non-professional capacity?


We have a program for you.


In this course HHI gives you the basics needed in order to practice with confidence. This is a certificate course, not a certification course, and is an excellent choice to receive the basic training for cities with a 300 hour requirement and do not require CAMTC certification. This program focuses on the power of touch, and how massage affects the mind, body, and spirit to facilitate the body’s healing process. 


The 300 hours are comprised of the Swedish 250 Program and 50 hours in the Student Clinic. 


The Swedish 250 course is an excellent starting place for all paths forward in the world of massage. It includes all the elements for learning the basics of safe, effective, therapeutic touch, including basic anatomy, understanding of muscles, areas and conditions to be cautious of, and the ethics of safe touch. The program centers around learning Swedish massage, an ideal modality for beginners learning to develop touch skills. This program is great for those who wish to learn to provide safe, therapeutic massage in a non-professional capacity, such as with friends and family, or for those who are considering a career in massage therapy, but would like a cost-friendly option to try out before committing to a full professional-length program.


Students who decide they want to complete the 500h requirement for CAMTC can continue on to the next Deep Tissue 250 program, immediately or in the future.

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