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The Professional Massage Therapy Program 

HHI’s CAMTC - Approved 550 hour curriculum

Hands on Healing Institute believes in using the connection between the mind, body and spirit to facilitate healing  – for ourselves and for our clients.  Learning the mechanics of massage is not enough – when the heart and soul of a therapist are engaged in a session, amazing transformation can happen.  During the Professional Massage Therapy program you will be taught how to connect to and help catalyze healing in your client using:

  • Educated touch combined with therapeutic intention

  • Grounding, Centering and healthy Boundaries skills

  • Present-Centered Awareness


You will be learning from teachers who practice what they teach and love sharing their knowledge.

We have created a loving, safe environment for you to learn and grow…spiritually, emotionally and physically.  You will learn much about yourself, your bodies and your emotions.  Our students tell us that their experience at HHI is life changing. We have often heard our therapists say they feel as good as their clients after giving a massage.

Massage Therapy Certification Program (550 hour course program)

Swedish 250 + Deep Tissue 250 + 50h of Clinic & Electives

This package program fulfills the complete educational requirements for certification as a massage therapist in California, as laid out by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC), which is the organization that provides state certification for massage therapy. This program also covers all the subject-specific hours required by the NCBTMB for national certification.* The MT550 program includes both the Swedish 250 and Deep Tissue 250 courses listed below, as well as a 50-hour package for Student Clinic and/or Elective classes. 

*For NCBTMB certification, the student will need to accumulate additional, non-subject-specific hours.

Swedish Foundations (250 hour course program)

This course is an excellent starting place for all paths forward in the world of massage. It includes all the elements for learning the basics of safe, effective, therapeutic touch, including basic anatomy, understanding of muscles, areas and conditions to be cautious of, and the ethics of safe touch. The program centers around learning Swedish massage, an ideal modality for beginners learning to develop touch skills. This program is great for those who wish to learn to provide safe, therapeutic massage in a non-professional capacity, such as with friends and family, or for those who are considering a career in massage therapy, but would like a cost-friendly option to try out before committing to a full professional-length program.

Deep Tissue Foundations (250 hour course program)

This course follows the Core I program, which must be taken as a prerequisite to this one, the Core II. In this program, students will build upon what they learned in Core I in all subject areas, with the aim of becoming fully-prepared to enter the professional field. Students will enhance their knowledge and touch skills through learning Therapeutic Deep Touch, a style of deep tissue branded by one of our own instructors, that is based on the idea that deep touch does not need to be painful to be both effective and profound. 

Student Clinic

Bridging the gap between classroom learning and professional practice, student clinic provides a space for students to practice on real clients while still safely under the guidance and supervision of an instructor. 

MT Class Schedule

Schedules are subject to change as needed:

MT DAY Class

Start Date: August 13th, 2024 

Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 9:30am-1:30pm

And Saturday 10am-7pm


Start Date: August 13th, 2024

Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 6:00pm-10:00pm

And Saturday 10am-7pm

Please Note: All classes must have a minimum of 6 students to begin. If we do not have the minimum number of students by the scheduled start date, we may need to postpone allowing more time for enrollments.



*Anatomy, Physiology, & Kinesiology (APK)                     

*Business & Marketing                       

*Contraindications & Pathology                            


*Health & Hygiene                                

Swedish Massage                              

Therapeutic Deep Touch                   

Chair Massage                                    

Pregnancy Massage

Introduction to Various Modalities

*State Certification requirements

Required for Admission:

  • Review & submit filled out Enrollment & Admissions forms.

  • Have a reasonable command of the English language.

  • Be at least eighteen years of age.

  • Be physically fit enough to receive and perform massage.

  • Have a serious intention to help others.

  • Submit color copy of photo ID such as Driver’s License or Passport


Admission is based upon student character, ability to satisfy financial commitments, and ability to complete the coursework as determined by submission of a completed application form, attendance of an Open House or a scheduled interview.


  • ***Early-Bird Registration Discount Price: $8,800 (+ fees/materials)***

  • MT550 Massage Therapy Program Tuition $10, 725 (+ below-listed Enrollment Fees $350 + books/materials)

  • $100.00 NON-REFUNDABLE Registration Fee

  • $2.50 STRF Fee per $1000 Non-Refudable and subject to change as needed

  • ​$250.00 PARTIALLY REFUNDABLE Student Bundle which includes:

    • NON-REFUNDABLE – ABMP Student Liability Insurance

    • REFUNDABLE – Binder, Transcript Fee, Holster, Lotions, Sheets, Tote Bag (Refundable only if unopened, unused, and within 10 days of School receiving written cancellation of drop date.)

    • Notice: All credit/debit card payments will include a 4% processing fee

  • ***Flexible payment plans available on request!

  • ***Additional 10% discount for complete up-front payment! ($7920 total)

  • ***OR additional 5% discount for half-payment up-front and half made within first 60 days! ($4,180 x2)



BOOKS Required (subject to change - please contact front office for any changes)

  • Theory & Practice of Massage Therapy by Mark F. Beck (6th Edition or newer)

  • Trail Guide to the Body by Andrew Biel (4th Edition or newer)

  • The Ethics of Touch by Ben Benjamin & Cherie Sohen-Moe; Sohen-Moe Associates, INC. 2003 (Any Edition)

Ask the office about purchasing used books from alumni! Please budget approximately $350 for textbooks and class materials. You are welcome to buy new or used copies.

BOOKS Recommended




The following is an optional interest-fee payment plan should a student need to pay the tuition in installments (alternative payment plans available upon request):


REGISTRATION              DUE UPON ENROLLMENT                                         $350.00*

1st PAYMENT                 DUE FIRST DAY OF CLASS                                        $875.00

                                      DUE EVERY MONTHLY till paid in full                       $750.00


*Includes Registration Fee and Student Bundle


Notice: All credit/debit card payments will include a 4% processing fee


Late Fees: A $25.00 late fee will be charged for non-payment of tuition over 3 days late. If an account is delinquent beyond 3 days, a Director’s approval is required in order to continue attending.


Cancellation Fee: A $25.00 cancellation fee will be charged for all returned checks.


Refunds: Elective cancellation requires seven days notice in order to received full refund or credit. After this time a $25 admin fee will apply.


There is a $15.00 fee for all returned insufficient fund checks.

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