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HHI ​Community Electives & Continuing Education


We offer over 2,500 hours of Advanced Electives for continued education and training. Many of our Advanced Electives are open to the public – you do not need prior massage therapy or body work experience to take these classes. Other classes are Advanced Electives for Massage Therapists or body workers; these classes may require previous massage therapy experience and/or completion of a Certified Professional Massage Therapy Program.

Please see our electives calendar for individual course descriptions and details. Each course description gives you an idea of the course curriculum, as well as any required materials and prerequisite classes. Some Elective Programs will require students to take classes in a progressive order and will be indicated in the description.

If there is a class you are interested in, but do not see on the calendar, please let us know! Classes are often scheduled when enough interest is generated!

Please be aware that it is the nature of certain holistic healing modalities to bring physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances into balance. Memories and emotions might surface during the course of any such experience.  This is, like in massage or any other healing practice, part of the session and the training.

Electives Offered to the Community


The following classes are offered to the Community.  It is not necessary to be a Massage Practitioner or Therapist to participate in these classes. Please look through our calendar to see what is currently scheduled and to register, all classes are subject to change as needed.

  • Aromatherapy Classes

  • Focus on Fascia: Myofascial Stretching

  • Intro to Lymphatic Massage

  • MBLEX Prep Course

  • Reiki Crystals & Stones

  • Usui Reiki      


Advanced Electives for Massage Therapists


The following advanced electives are for massage therapists who want to add to their certified hours, continue their education and understand more fully the mind, body, spirit connection to facilitate healing.  The choices of what modalities and how many hours of training you wish to accumulate are yours.  Transcripts are cumulative. Please look through our calendar to see what is currently scheduled and to register. All classes are subject to change as needed.

  • Chair Massage Classes

  • Deep Tissue Classes

  • Focus on Fascia Classes (Myofascial Release)

  • Heated Stone Therapy

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • MBLEx Test Prep   

  • Pre- & Post-Natal Massage

  • Reflexology: Ear/Hand/Foot

  • Reiki Crystals & Stones

  • Usui Reiki  

  • Sports Fitness Fusion Massage

  • Thai Massage

  • Trigger Point Therapy

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Elective Registration and Enrollment


  • Please use the Buy Now buttons embedded within the course description on the calendar, call or visit the school to enroll.

  • Prepayment is required for enrollment.

  • Prerequisites: please be sure you meet all course prereqs before registering

  • Complete the appropriate applications (forms available through office:

  • All students whether taking one class or the full program will be required to provide photo ID & enrollment forms

  • Health: all students will be asked to fill out daily health screening forms and sign waiver

  • Schedule subject to change as needed

  • Please see our School Policies page for information on Payment Policies, Attendance, and other important information.

  • If you have already taken an elective you may audit the same class for half the price. Audit means you are taking a class informally and not for academic credit hours.


NOTE: If you want your continuing education classes to be accepted by the CAMTC you will have to fill out both a MT550 Program Application and a Supplemental Elective Application Form. If you don’t want continuing education credit you can fill out our Elective Application Form.

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