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Patty Flanagan: School Owner
Patty became the owner of Hands on Healing in January of 2018. Patty had been an aromatherapy student at HHI years prior. She is now the owner of two massage schools in Southern California. She also runs a successful pet food company, is a certified life coach, and a meditation teacher. Patty’s goal is to send one thousand healers out into the world.

Cynthia Ameson: CAMTC 35955 (Academic Director & Instructor)

Cynthia first came to HHI in 2011, having been touched by the healing power of massage therapy herself and seeking to share this touch with others. Already certified in Reiki and a long-time metaphysical practitioner, she sprinted through her 500 hours to MT certification within a year. She explored several modalities including Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy. Over her years of study, she has found that although every modality she has encountered is unique in its approach to healing, the core is always the same fostering of healing through safe, loving, connective touch, whether that touch is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Now in addition to her own bodywork practice and running metaphysical workshops, she teaches Anatomy & Deep Tissue at HHI. Cynthia’s goal is to help her student’s tailer the learning and techniques into a form that is optimal for them.

Frances Nicolais: CAMTC 14157 (Senior Staff Instructor)
Frances is one of our original instructors who first taught here in 2000. Frances is also the owner of the Myofascial Release Center in Montrose and KELA – Kneaded Experience LA, a professional chair massage company which provide chair massage based on myofascial release. Her passion IS myofascial release which is provided to any willing participant at her office in Montrose, with a team of skilled MFR therapists. She has developed the Focus on Fascia classes at HHI and teaches them with as much passion and enthusiasm as any one person can. Frances also teaches the Myofascial Trigger Point class and has developed a 100-hour chair massage program based on MFR, as well.

​Alison Plesset: CAMTC 44093

Alison was drawn to massage therapy for many years prior to pursuing a formal education in the healing arts in 2003. She first came to Hands on Healing to study chair massage and feel in love with it. She has been practicing chair massage for many years and likes the variety of working in many different locations. Alison has a thriving private practice with a focus on Deep Tissue, Sports and Pregnancy Massage. Alison greatly enjoys teaching chair massage for HHI.

Sierra Velasquez: CAMTC 72722

Sierra Velasquez has over 15 years of massage therapy experience working in diverse settings such as elite spas and physical therapy clinics, and is currently the Inpatient Massage Therapist for UCLA Heath where she provides hospital-based massage for patients. Sierra's life changed after meeting her teacher, the legendary Thai massage Master Pichest Boonthumme of northern Thailand in 2011. She has lived in Chiang Mai and regularly visits Pichet's home based school to continue to learn from him, and his unique, highly effective methods of working with the body. Sierra is passionate about Eastern-based massage as a part of integrative health and her classes have a focus on creativity, proper body mechanics, and appreciation for the culture and traditions of Thai massage. CMT, OMT, CMLDT.  

Tiffany Lamb: CAMTC 22057

Tiffany finished her initial massage training in 2006 and has continued to grow her passion for the healing arts since attending multiple massage schools for a variety of training. As a Certified Personal Trainer with an additional degree in Kinesiology and Health Professions, she has a strong passion for deep therapeutic work that facilitates healing of the muscles and tissues. She believes strongly in the mind body connection and is always willing to learn about new ways to enhance her knowledge in the massage and fitness world. Sharing that passion with her students brings her much joy. Helping others realize their dreams and fulfill their goals with massage is one of the most rewarding things Tiffany has had the chance to do and being a part of HHI is like being a part of a like minded family.

Toby Ameson, RMT 
Experienced a spontaneous and deeply moving whole-person healing experience while hiking near Mount Kurama in Kyoto, Japan. A year later at Toby’s first Reiki class they discovered Reiki started on Mount Kurama, and their calling became clear. Toby trained in Animal Reiki with world-renowned expert Kathleen Prasad in 2010, and then became an Ordained Minister and a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in 2012. Toby believes that Life flows always in the direction of wellbeing when accepted and allowed, and the body/mind/spirit has powerful self-healing capabilities. Toby’s basic philosophy is that all life is inherently and equally connected, valuable and sacred and healing happens when we hold safe, loving, non-judgmental space, which allows us to return to our natural state of well being.

Note: Faculty list is subject to change as needed

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