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HHI Student Reviews


The programs offered at HHI are comprehensive, challenging and incredibly rewarding. You learn the fundamentals of Swedish and Deep Tissue, while also receiving a solid introduction to anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and more. Most valuable of all is the amount of personalized and hands-on training you will gain under the guidance of some truly knowledgeable and inspiring teachers, including long-time instructor and new owner, Eloise Albrecht. I can’t think of a better person than Eloise to take over the reins at HHI. This is an exciting new chapter for the school, the students, the community, and all those seeking improved health and well being in north/northeast L.A.


If you’re looking to learn massage therapy from the very best in LA, look no further.  The teachers here are the most experienced and knowledgeable you will find.  They’re deeply caring and wise. One of their seasoned instructors, Eloise, is taking the baton from the founder (Cami) and running with it.  No doubt she will do an AMAZING job at keeping Hands on Healing the best school for massage therapy in LA.
Judy Q.


I went to this school from 2012-2014 and had such an amazing experience. Eloise Albrecht who is now running the Institute is an exceptional teacher. She is patient and detail oriented and will make sure that you do not leave class feeling unsure or without a full grasp of the material. She is very receptive to feedback, and I really value that in an educator. I still use the skills I was taught by her and every teacher there to this day in my practice. I highly recommend HHI. I love being a Massage Therapist and they really instilled that love in me.
Rachel L.


I am so thrilled hear that Eloise Albrecht is going to be taking the helm at Hands on Healing Institute.  It couldn’t be in better hands.  Eloise has been part of the fabric and history of HHI for a long time and she brings her additional experiences and talents from the world to the fold as well.  I was lucky enough to go through the extensive course in deep tissue with her at the school and I can honestly say and yes, shout from the rooftops, that this course was the single most defining course of my career to date.  It completely changed my practice in a quantum way and still continues to shape it.  Eloise is committed and passionate about delivering the best instruction to the students and in helping them see the finer points as well.   I cherish the time I spent with her and so excited she is going to bring the school into the next phase.
Christie D.


This school is one of the cheapest you’ll find around because they’re not concerned with emptying their students pockets just for the opportunity to get some governmental support. They’re dedicated to providing the students with the most affordable option possible. I would never go to any of the other schools who charge $15,000+ for reasons they don’t want to be honest and up front with. HHI, has that honesty ingrained in the way they operate and treat you as a student and as a part of their new family
Matt H.


Everyone is really passionate & believes in what they do. It really made me love massage more than I thought I could. Super supportive & intuitive- even when I hit a wall & was frustrated they knew what we were going through & knew what to say. That really stuck with us. I can’t wait to take more classes.
Gabby G.


Hands on Healing honestly changed my life. I was told the first day I came to school for a tour that this would be a life changing experience. I definitely at the time believed this, but that being said I also did underestimate how much of a life change we were talking about. I know now me ending up in this school was no mistake. Thanks so much to each and every one of you, you are greatly appreciated.
Danielle S.


I love HHI. The CMT program gave me everything I needed to be a professional massage therapist. I highly recommend HHI for CMT & continuing education. I really enjoyed the class & felt the love. Thank you Cami! You are a blessing.
Diana S.


HHI provides a well-rounded education. The instructors are great and are genuinely concerned with your best interest. I feel confident as a massage therapist.
Nicholas P.


I enjoyed the laid back approach of the school. It made showing up to class every day after work less daunting. The teachers were easy going & it’s nice to learn from passionate people.
Bianca R.


“I can’t imagine receiving the MT training anywhere else but HHI.” Janet K.


This program is good at teaching a holistic Swedish massage, while giving students a taste of other modalities. It thrives as a good balance of theory and practice. They also honor each student’s unique style. I learned what I came here to learn and am so satisfied. I don’t feel the program is lacking in any way.

Lauren H.


The MT program was such a wonderful opportunity! A great eye opener. Learning all that I have in the last 4 months has only made me thirsty for more. Thank you all for all of your effort!

Brittany Q.


I love this school and the teachers in this program. It is a welcoming and safe environment to learn and grow. I thought this MT program was great and I’m happy I was guided here to learn and grow.
Mona M.


Hands down this is the best school. From the owner to the instructors they make you feel like you are part of the family from the day that you open the door to the office. Thank you HHI, thank you to the instructors for giving me a whole new insight on life. Love you all.
Amy S.


Hands on Healing Institute does a respectable job at blending the wisdom of the East and West in instructing students in massage therapy and overall health. I really appreciated the intimacy of the program and how personable the program was. The instructors exemplified a true heart for teaching and caring for their students.


The school was awesome and felt connected the first step I came into the office to talk about the program and ever since then I knew I was going to do great. Everyone in class, as well as the teachers, were very helpful and motivated to learn and teach and the instructors were very knowledgeable and loved to teach. I enjoyed being here at the school and would love to take future classes.


I feel confident and ready to start my business and know if I ever have any questions that I can call any instructors to get answers.
Gary C.


This school was everything I expected it to be and way more! The teachers are very compassionate and passionate about the school and bodywork. They truly want you to succeed and knew what they taught. While maintaining a great sense of professionalism, I still felt like they were all my friends to where I could give them a big hug. I learned so much and I don’t want to stop! I think I want to take every class they have to offer!!
Kelly E.


I came in thinking I was only going to learn how to be a massage therapist. I never dreamed that I would learn so much about myself. To me, HHI is more than just a ‘massage school,’ it’s a place to learn about the person that was buried deep inside of me, and the person I can become! This school helped me get connected to me, which I have not experienced for a long time.
Rosalynn R.


What a great soul-haven in a sometimes harsh and chaotic world. A very safe place to learn and explore yourself and share that experience of self with others who are on the journey as well. Wonderful to be with like-minded people. -Lisa M.



This school, the students and the staff were a perfect fit for me. I love my school and everyone in it. What a beautiful balance of professionalism, humor, compassion, ethics and diplomacy. The energy was loving, safe, comfortable and perfect for practicing personal vulnerability to expand, explore, learn and grow

I enjoyed the MT program a lot.  When I was thinking about signing up for the course, Cami told me that it would be an incredible personal growth experience; she was right!  What a great experience.
Vina C.


Wow!  Where do I start?  I have finally learned this skill that I have been waiting years to learn.  I can’t wait to see where this will take me.  As soon as I opened the doors to the office, I knew this was my school.  I didn’t even need to meet with anyone.  The energy that HHI radiates is amazing.  Everyone in this school is an extension of my family now.  Thank you.  Namaste.
Nico G.


I liked everything about this class.  It gave me a lot of useful things that I didn’t learn from Glendale Career College.  I’m so glad that I decided to take this class.  There is so much love and care from the instructors and everyone else at Hands on Healing.  This is the best school in LA!  Thank you.
Alene W.


Simply the best!  I have found my passion and hopefully my gift!  This is the beginning of a new adventure & purpose for myself.  I truly love this field and the Swedish massage is the basis for all great things to come.
Vicki S.


I loved all of it.  It really changed me.  It’s a very caring school and class.  I’m so glad that I made the decision to come to this school.
Rosie A.


I am overwhelmed with the love and compassion of the instructors and students.  This course has changed my life.  I have been healed in so many ways.  Words cannot express the thanks I feel inside.
Linda R.


I really had an enlightening experience through the class that has fostered a heightened sense of self awareness.  I learned so much about the positive properties of touch & human connectedness.  I felt greatly enriched by the class & its instructors.  Thank you!
Alexis L.


I learned more than I expected.  I wish I could’ve done this course 2 years earlier.  Cami, where did you find such a fine collection of teachers?  I hated to see the CMT course come to an end.
Richard S.


The school is comprised of compassionate, highly talented & experienced teachers and staff.  HHI is a family!



This has been a profound experience for me on so many levels: a rich body of knowledge combining practical information with philosophy, relationships with wonderful new people, and much love and fun.”
Laila C.


The feeling I got when I walked in the first day was of excitement and compassion. I knew this is where I wanted to study. I was truly blessed to be a part of this school and walk out of here with an open heart and the knowledge to find success in this world.
Shannon P.


I found myself immersed in and completely embraced by the school.  I was taught extremely well to touch with care, responsibility and skill.  The teachers are highly effective at creating an enjoyable and inspiring environment as well as providing a comprehensive and well-designed program.
Rebecca C.


After 20 years of being away from school, I couldn’t believe it could be this fun!  Now I can walk with my head high knowing I have accomplished something that no one can take away from me.  I am now a “certified massage therapist”.  Thanks to Hands on Healing Institute for all their help and support.
Cris N.


This school teaches more than massage techniques. I leave here with a new perspective on life and people and a greater respect for the soul.
Tamara M.


My learning experience at Hands on Healing Institute, taught me the language of touch, and has allowed me, through the teachers’ example, to reach into my heart and find compassion, to be sensitive to another person’s pain (physical/emotional/spiritual) and ways to help relieve it.  I have learned to communicate nonverbally with greater sensitivity, to develop more inner awareness, and increase my intuitive capacities through touch.  I am grateful.
Pat C.


I have been searching for a new journey to take in my life. HHI has helped direct me on my new path. It has opened several doors that I never knew existed. I’m really enjoying this new path.
Teryl M.


Far beyond my wildest expectations, this class was an amazing exercise in personal growth, expanded awareness, and self-healing, not to mention one of the most empowering and humbling experiences I’ve ever had. I’m so grateful to all my teachers!
Jennifer H.


Through the HHI CMT course I learned as much about myself as I did about the world of massage. -Sam S.



I am thankful for the training that I received at HHI. From what I’ve been told, a couple of other therapists interviewed for the position and were denied employment.  When I interviewed I was hired right away. My employer (a body worker for 25 years) was impressed when I explained what I learned at HHI and was more impressed by the work I did on her.  I just wanted to let you know of this blessing I have received and also to let you know that I am grateful for what I was able to learn through HHI.

I’m doing 8 massages a day (15-30 minutes in length) that deal mostly with the problem areas of people that are sitting at a computer for 8 hours + a day.  I work 2-3 days a week for now and am confident that soon I will be working 32 – 40 hours a week.  All of my clients have given me wonderful feedback and have requested that I be their sole therapist from now on and some have requested full sessions away from the work place, which thankfully is allowed.  My pay rate is $30.00/hr plus tips and I also make $1.00/ dollar for every minute over the first 15 that the company prepays for their employees.
Kenneth G.


I got pretty lucky with this school!  It was the first and only school I had researched and I don’t regret it one bit!  This is probably one of the most beneficial and influential decisions I have ever made in my life.
Michelle Ann N.


HHI is definitely a hidden treasure.  It provided me a safe & welcoming place to learn & explore, even more so about myself.  Thanks to the amazing staff at HHI!
Alexandra D.


Wonderful journey into the world of massage therapy: an ancient wellness modality that encourages health promotion via the Mind, Body and Spiritual Approach to Care.
Suzanne C.


HHI walks its talk…the mind/body/spirit focus is evident in all aspects of the educational process, which is really unique and a huge blessing to all us students!
Sylvie S.


This class really helped me to find myself; to figure out where I wanted to be in my life at this point.  I discovered a part of me that I never knew existed.  It was amazing to say the least.
Caitlyn C.


Enrolling in this school has made me realize that I believe that I can succeed.  Thank you, everyone at Hands on Healing
Mary B


Hands on Healing is an amazing school.  I’m so glad that I got to experience all that this school has to offer.  What makes this school so amazing are the teachers, hands down.  This was truly a life changing experience for the best.  I recommend this school to anyone who is eager to learn.
Julianne B.


CMT Aromatherapy: 


I liked this class & was shocked by how powerful aromatherapy is. Moreover, I think Andrea is fantastic.
Virgil L.


CMT Breath & Movement:


I understand now how to breathe correctly to benefit my mind, body and spirit.  Learning this technique has helped me a great deal with life situations.
Linda R.


I enjoyed the exercises in movement and breath awareness.  They helped me to tap into a more focused and conscious side of myself.  It helped in centering myself in preparation for the massage.
Alexis L.


We hope these reviews have inspired you to study or continue your studies at Hands On Healing! Check our Online Calendar for the latest class schedule.

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